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Hi Lorraine,
I just thought I would send an email to let you know how fantastic Beau is doing. She is so amazing with our kids that in all honesty she surpasses any of our other dogs (including our beautiful Labs), the only contender would be our previous German Shepherd.

Beau has been very easy to train, she does lots of little tricks for the boys, in fact she does pretty much anything they ask her to, our three year old gets her to clean his face and thinks it is hilarious to call her in to shower with him. She has taught herself how to open all the doors internal and external so she can let herself outside for a play.

When we go out walking Beau won't carry on until our youngest catches up and the boys love playing search and rescue games down at the river with her. After about two months we got her to stop chasing the cats and pet rabbits (even though she has a strong prey drive), we taught her the command 'leave' with a tennis ball, after two days we could transfer the command 'leave' to anything.

The kids have taken her to lots of family days and pet parades, she spent Friday at school, and her behaviour is always exceptional. People often comment on what a lovely dog she is, our vet and people from dog obedience have been surprised at how settled and calm she is for a young pup.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog. Her intelligence is incredible and her nature is perfect for our family.

Thank you so much
Kelly Hines

Hi Lorraine,
Our girl, Jada (Demi von Heisenberg) turned 2 on Sunday and I just wanted to share a pic taken at Christmas with you after seeing some of the new ones on your website.

Jada is a great part of our family, she makes us feel safe by protecting our home, and is a great family pet. She and my six year old daughter are great mates. We have now added a small cavoodle to our mix and Jada is great with her also - it bought out her motherly side! I have also just started competing in obedience competitions with her and am enjoying the challenge of this.

Thanks for a great girl - we love her very much.

Jenny & Kate

Hi Lorraine
You'll probably be getting tired of hearing about the marvelous dog we got from you last month. As you know, she toilet-trained on the first night(!) and walked on a leash on the first night(!). Never seen a dog do that before.

She has now met eighty people individually as a part of her socialization. I took her to The Warehouse today (where she got a free sausage from the sausage sizzle lady). She's not afraid of anyone: let seventeen people touch her.

In all, she is a delight. Very, very intelligent. Comes when called, sits and lies down. Is not intimidated by Rupert the Springer Spaniel (quite the opposite in fact). Gentle with Benjamin Bunny (our chocolate lop-eared rabbit). And she has a very useful-sounding growl and bark.

Most importantly, is perfectly safe around our kids.

As I've said before, I think you bred the perfect dog, Lorraine.
Congratulations and thanks!

Kindest regards

Hi Lorraine,
Just a note to let you know how Kim Von Heisenburg (AKA Kahn) is getting on. He is growing into a really big shepherd and has a great personality. He likes to dig, chase and just be around people! The kids love him, but we have to get him settled before letting them together, as being a pup, he is still a bit 'bouncy' he is a real outdoors dog and his favourite spot is on the deck in the shade.

We have decided against having him neutered, as we would like to keep our options open with such a fine-looking dog.

Best of all, he only barks when he sees something- that might be windbreak cloth moving in the nor'wester, but that is OK by me! (given some of the brainless mutts and owners in the neighourhood!)

You definitely helped us pick the right pup!
New Zealand


thanks again for the pup we purchased off you in Oct. Doing brilliantly and full of energy. You`ve done a great job with the website as well.
Mike Baragwanath
Ashhurst, New Zealand

Our Pup has been fantastic. I have never had a pup that was such a well-adjusted family dog or was half as bright! All the Shepherds I have had anything to do with have been SPCA rescues which have still been great dogs, but this chap is waaaaaay ahead of them! I can personally recommend Heisenburg and would be happy to answer any questions by email.
Wayne Watson
New Zealand

Hi Lorraine,
Thank you! The last 3 days have been great, we are enjoying our new member of the family. Don (Jaro) has been excellent, quiet at night, almost no mess in the house, very calm, friendly and inquisitive. Seems to be better-behaved than the children most of the time! Eats well, sleeps 9 to 7, getting used to a collar well, knows not to enter the main part of the house. It's amazing how intelligent he seems to be. We are so glad he is living here. Cheers!
-Igor, Olga
Olga and Igor
Palmerston North, New Zealand