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Tasha - Kast von Heisenberg

Tasha - Kast von Heisenberg

Tasha is a beautiful bitch both physically and in her nature. She has a calm disposition and is not startled by much, happy to sit outside and watch the fireworks with us. This calm nature quickly transforms into a high drive focus when a ball or stick comes out when we walk on the beach. She stays extremely focused, even when other dogs or people are right next to her. This focus and drive is proving valuable as we are starting on agility with her. She is very easily trained and often surprises us by learning a new task merely by watching another dog perform it. Tasha is protective of her house and family, but so gently with her little human brother, small children and animals. She lives harmoniously with a small dog and cat. She is physically very powerful and a very strong swimmer. Tasha is very sociable and we take her on pack walks regularly. She has a fun-filled personality at home and is often a very cheeky. She loves nothing better than playing tug-of-war with her giant stuffed teddy, or hide-and-seek with her little human. Her drive and focus is developing every week as this young bitch becomes a perfect example of the working line German Shepherd.


Kast von Heisenberg
Born 15/04/2018
NZKC Reg. 03417-2018
Sire - Collin v.d. Hornhutte - KNPV PH1 with Met Lof
Dam - Satoris Malou Imp Denmark

Health Tests

PennHIP - Right DI .035, Left DI 0.25
Elbows 0/0
Back Clear
TLI Normal
Dm n/n






Collin van de Hornhütte, FH, IP3, KNVP, MET LOF, Jerry vom Hünxer Wald, IP3 Ursus vom Schwarzen Milan, IP3, SchH.3 Cheo vom Teuchelwald
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Akira von Haus Brechtken, SchH.1 Sirk vom Belchen
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Satoris Malou - BH - Import Denmark Bolle Ja Na Ka, IPO 3 Leon von der Staatsmacht, SchH.3 Asko von der Lutter
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Bolle Ja Na Ka, BHP3, FPr3, IPO 3, SPH1 Satoris Saro, FH 2 Kimbo von Karthago
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Collin v.d. Hornhutte - KNPV PH1 with Met Lof

Satoris Malou Imp Denmark