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Stormranger European K9 Training - PHP, PH

Stormranger European K9 Training - PHP, PH

Stormranger is a strong male dog. He is built with a very strong body and weighs around 40kg. He is larger than most dogs, but still within the standards of the GSD. His best characteristic is his calm mindset. He has very little stress which allows him to learn things very quickly. His prey drive is at a perfect level, and he doesn't have any problems working close to other dogs. He has a highly developed nose, and he loves using it for crime scene search and tracking. His bite work is also very good. He attacks with incredible speed, and his grip is deep and firm, with no chewing. This is a genetic skill he has been showing from day one. In general, he loves training, especially if the reward is food or a ball. He has a strong bond to me, and loves being petted, but don't be fooled by his normal kindness - his switch to defense is quick and serious. If he is being threatened, he will defend and bite. He is rated as a level 1 Police Dog in Denmark, which is the highest possible and has made it to this level at very young age.


Stormranger European K9 Training - PHP, PH
Born - 07.08.2019
Reg No. 118390/19
Sire - Xanuk vom grauen Star - IPO3
Dam - Wanda Moravia Artex - IPO3, ZVV1

Health Tests

Hips - HD B2
Elbows 0/0
OCD Free
DM n/n






Xanuk vom grauen Star - IPO3 Quardes von der Staatsmacht - IPO3, SChH3 Agent vom Wolfshiem - IPO3, SchH3, FH2 Justin vom Pendel Bach
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Gracia von der Staatsmacht - SchH3 Olex de Valsory
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Zina von der Schiffslache - IPO3, SchH3 Olly von der Horst
Lilly von der Schiffslache
Wanda Moravia Artex - IPO3, ZVV1 Zorro von der Mohwiese - IPO3, Angsbacken's Rosso - IPO3 Kimba von Karthago
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Hellen vom Harzofewn - VPG3 Ellute von der Mohnwiese
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Xanuk vom Grauen - IPO3

Wanda Moravia Artex - IPO3 Zvv1