Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Rou - Nyx von Heisenberg

Rou  - Nyx von Heisenberg

Rou is a kind, inquisitive, and determined personality. She lives with two male German Shepherds and enjoys training in various sports such as scent work and Mondioring obedience. Her toy play is characterized by her speed and determination, while her training showcases her quick learning ability and eagerness to please. In scent work, her high-drive nature is balanced by her methodical and precise approach. Rou is truly a joy to be around, bringing a perfect balance to everything she does. Just like a Roulette table, she's always willing to take a chance and try something new!"


Name - Nyx von Heisenberg
Born - 09/08/2022
Reg No. DNZ 06694-2022
Sire - Sund Hund Yang - FP,PH-K, UHP/SG
Dam - Kast von Heisenberg

Health Tests

PennHIP - Right DI .37, Left DI .29
Elbows 0/0
Back Clear
UAP Clear
TLI Normal
DM n/n






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Kast von Heisenberg