Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Nixi - Raven von Heisenberg

 Nixi - Raven von Heisenberg

Nixi is a fun loving friendly dog with a very balanced personality. She has a strong drive in anything she tries – her nose is incredible and she does persistently well to locate hidden toys and treats. She is a fast learner too and very eager to please. Does well under voice, whistle, and hand signals. Athletic and exuberant in whatever she does, even with other stimulation, she calms quickly and has a very relaxed presence about her. A great dog all round!


Raven von Heisenberg
Reg No. 04108-2019
Born - 05/05/2019
Sire - Smedebakkens Platon - FH, UHP, PH
Dam - Dare von Heisenberg

Health Tests

PennHIP - Right DI - .30, Left DI - .21
Elbows 0/0
TLI Normal
Back Clear
DM n/n






Smedebakkens Platon - FP, PH, UHP Amager's Urban - FP, PH, PH-P Hjalte von der Königswiese - AK1, PH, PH-K, PH-P, PH-V Quincy vom Waldwinkel
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Smedebakkens Platon - FP, UHP,PH

Dare von Heisenberg