Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Indie - Electra von Heisenberg

Indie - Electra von Heisenberg

Written by her foster home :- Indie is very intelligent, but also has a cheeky personality. She's a fast learner, and picks up new things quickly. She is at her best when doing a variety of activities, but like most dogs, loves to go for long walks. She is very social and enjoys the company of people, but is also content on her own. She has an imitating bark when needed and is not afraid to stand her ground. She is so easy to love, we would not be without her! She makes our family complete!


Electra von Heisenberg
Born 12/05/2021
DNZ Reg. 05217-2021
Sire - Candor van Romantos Hoeve - UV, PH1
Dam - Trentham Bree

Health Tests

PennHIP - Left DI 0.31, Right DI 0.25
Elbows 0/0
Back Clear
UAP Clear
TLI Normal
DM /n






Candor van Romantos Hoeve, UV, PH1 Fauny von der Hagenmühle, AD, BH, IP3 Zar von der Schiffslache, IP2, SchH.2 Ellute von der Mohnwiese
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Bara von der Hagenmühle, SchH.1 Vito vom Waldwinkel
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Sina von der Kine
Trentham Bree Sch-Ca Fillip, AK, BHP3, FP, IPO3, PH-P, UHP Jabina Lexus. AK, BHP3, IPO3, PH, UHP Kimbo von Karthago
Zenta Jabina
Peterlysens Hippi. BHP 3 Scifo Satoris
Chilli Rowicks
Dunja II van Tiekerhook, Import Netherlands Pike del Lupo Nero, BSP, IP3, LGA, SchH.3 Irko vom Schmiedegarten
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Thaira van Tiekerhook


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Smedebakkens IQ - FP, UHP, PH - PH-P

Trentham Bree