Heisenberg Kennels - Breeders of quality working line German Shepherds

Foster homes wanted

We are always looking for good permanent foster homes for our brood bitches. If you are interested in fostering, you will need to have a secure, well fenced back section and or lifestyle block and live in the lower North Island.

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"Fostering a Heisenberg brood bitch has been a remarkable experience for our whole family. We were given the opportunity to bring Tasha into our family and she fitted in really well. It has given me the opportunity to explore the world of dog sport and hone in my dog handling skills. It has been such a privilege to raise and work with such an amazing dog. Lorraine has a natural gift for matching a dog to your family/pack which has helped greatly with the transition into our home. She is very easy to deal with, always keeping her end of the bargain and always concerned for the absolute best quality of life for all of her dogs. Enabling a brood bitch to live with a family provides them with a loving family and the stimulation they require rather than living their lives in a kennel until they are no longer required. This philosophy, together with ensuring dogs are matched with owners that will fulfil the mental, physical and emotional requirements that come with a working line, drew me to Heisenberg Kennels. I would recommend being a foster to anyone that is willing to provide a loving and active home for a working line dog."

"For us, fostering a Heisenberg brood bitch is a little bit like a shared custody arrangement. Vikka has a home with us but oh boy does she LOVE her Aunty Lorraine! It really is quite incredible to be part of something so special such as Lorraine’s foster programme. You very quickly learn a lot about all the boxes Lorraine ticks, to ensure reputable breeding of her working line German Shepherds. And best of all you get to be the proud dog parents of a very special breed. We have fully appreciated the extensive knowledge Lorraine has and she is always only a phone call away to support you. When our girl was offered to us and we were invited to be part of the programme - we admit we were a bit nervous about what this would look like. This experience has raised our awareness of the need to support reputable breeders, who ensure the sustainability of our beautiful GSDs. Hand on heart we have been so blessed with our beautiful girl who has been an amazing Mama but more importantly she is a member of our family. Loved, nurtured and provided for on a daily basis and while she was pregnant - home, with us, where she was pampered! Lorraine runs the most amazing kennel set up, so rest assured your girl will be well looked after during whelping and for the seven weeks she stays with her pups. You will get pup dates, photos, phone calls and visits are very special too. When it was time to leave her pups, our girl did not fret. She was 100 percent ready to go and she came home to her home, her bed and her family. We have absolutely loved working with Lorraine. But most of all I am so grateful to Lorraine, for her love for her dogs, where their well being is always a priority."
Fiona And Martin