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Hugo - Dederthing Hugo - FP, PHK, PHP, PHV

Hugo - Dederthing Hugo

Hugo loves to work, no matter what the weather or environment. He has an extremely high drive which must be taken into consideration when training and working with him. He's fast in his movement and thinking and quick to learn new ways to do things and doesn't stop for anything to resolve a task.

As wild and energetic as he is on the training and competitive scene, he is also a loving, caring dog when relaxing at home and once inside, loves and cherishes the time on the couch. Always attentive and aware of his handler, he is always ready for action.


Dederthing Hugo - FP, PHK, PHP, PHV
Reg No. DK 09053-2014
Born - 09/05/2014
Sire - Conner von der Adelegg - BSP, IPO3,
Dam - Hedegards Katja - IPO 3, BHP 3 H

Health Tests

HD-A, ED-0
DM n/n



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Conner von der Adelegg - BSP, IPO3,

Hedegards Katja - IPO 3, BHP 3