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Gemma - Xtreme von Heisenberg - Drug Detection Dog

Gemma - Xtreme von Heisenberg

Gemma is a very outgoing forward young bitch. Not only does she show good drives for the sport of IPO but she also shows versatility in what ever she is asked to do. She has been used for Deer stalking and now also is able to show her worth as a Drug Detection Dog. We look forward to see what she can produce for us in the future.


Xtreme von Heisenberg
Born 04/07/2015
NZKC Registration 04417-2015
Sire - Earl von Heisenberg - PD
Dam - Eclipse von Heisenberg

Health Tests

PennHIP 80th Percentile
Elbows 0/0
Back Clear
TLI Normal
DM - n/n







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